Posted by: starhorsepax | October 24, 2009

Wild Horse Challenges

As I browse the internet I got curious and looked up wild horses around the world. They aren’t just in America. There was no list so I compiled on in a squidoo lens. But I realized something in the process.
Somewhere, way back in history one person separated from his tribe. Perhaps in trying to kill the horse for food he accidentally got taken for a ride. What a thrill and a terror! He’d never gone so fast!
Probably ever since the battle has been on between those who figure the horse is just another food animal and those who see it as a partner in life.
All around the world they face similar issues. Land people want. No natural predators or the predators themselves have been hunted to extinction.
The conflict is timeless. Horse is a pest or dinner. Or horse is a helper, worthy of respect for his contributions to society. It isn’t just in america’s west. It won’t end here either.
There are no easy answers. But at least we can demand the questions be asked and answered honestly, based on science and fact not on supposition and political convenience.

If you like the artwork check out my Starhorsepax website. You’ll find this particular design as well as another in my ROAR for ROAM shop. It will take more than just horse lovers to get the issue addressed. But people have to know about it to act! Where a t-shirt, or a button. Get the word out. Post messages on every bulletin board that will allow it. Tell your friends and family.

Loads of awesome gifts for horse lovers in plenty of shops.

ROAR for the passage of the ROAM act to save American wild horse and burros

ROAR for the passage of the ROAM act to save American wild horse and burros



  1. DO NOT Support the ROAM Act – it is nothing but a “land-grab” to get the horses off our public lands and into private and public zoo-like settings. We need to preserve the herds in viable numbers upon their historic lands!!!

    Did you know that the ROAM Act “strikes out” the provision in the Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that says they are to be protected “upon the lands they stood” in 1971? Why would they want to strike that part out if it wasnt for a land-grab so they can be free to put them where-ever they want?

    People this is more than just a wild horse issue, it is a public lands issue also. We must fight to preserve the wild ones historic rangeland as part and parcel of the fight to preserve our wild equines and to keep them wild and free forever! The ROAM Act WILL NOT do this!

    Moreover, the ROAM Act will allow for Spay-Vac of the mares which is oftentimes fatal and non-reversable – so much for maintaining viable herds with the ROAM ACt,…the mares will all be sterile and the stallions gelded.

    Please, if you want to keep our wild equines in the wild, DO NOT support the ROAM Act but fight to ENFORCE the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and Amend THAT to include protection for Americas wild herds everywhere and not just on BLM, USDA or Forest Service Lands.

    Read more about the Wild Horse (and Burro) Wars here;

    Thanks for caring!

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