Posted by: starhorsepax | November 4, 2010

Are our Government Agencies Above the Law?

Citizens get jail time.  Government agents don’t even get a slap on the wrist.

The Victory

It’s a victory for animal lovers when the court sentences people who shoot horses to jail time.
The lawyers apparently tried to downplay the acts of cruelty as being drunk.

Tuesday’s Horse Article

I wonder if they thought that would fly if they shot a kid for the same reason. If being drunk is to blame for one then it’s to blame for the other. The weight of what a life is worth may be different between a horse and child, but a drunk is still a drunk and shooting reckless is still shooting reckless. Next time it might be a kid. I once was working in a stable when someone fired clean across the pond from another property into ours, apparently at a deer. He or she could just as easily have hit a horse, or any of the riders. Not surprisingly, this person did not step forward to claim their kill.

Double Standards

But I have to wonder at the double standard.  The government has run horses until their hoofs fall off, broken necks and legs.   They’ve hit horses with helicopter skids and crammed them en masse into tiny holding pens, where stallions battle each other to defend their terrified mares.  Which is the worse?

On the individual side, you have reckless stupidity based on drunkenness and too little regard for life.  On the other, cold-blooded, calculated killing of a species.  And yet, while it’s gone to court and judges acknowledge the BLM may have stepped out of line.  Yet when it comes to stopping the roundups, it usually falls short.

I honestly want to know and I’m sure others do too. Why haven’t those members of the BLM involved been arrested?  Why not? They are as guilty as those drunks, more in fact.  Why does the court hesitate to say NO? Why stop short?

The ASPCA New York lawsuit results on another blog.

Aside from the debate about the legitimacy of the roundups, the total lack of science on the BLM’s  side, and money waste, why isn’t the cruelty issue being acted on?

If there are any judges out there that know: please, speak up. Explain.  Preferably in english, not ‘legalese’.  I think we have a right to know how these helicopter pilots and BLM agents are getting away with violating the law.  They don’t have the dubious reasons of military or homeland security secrecy.  So what is it?  Please, can someone tell me why?

Here is what I believe should happen: the individuals involved should be arrested for animal cruelty.  No excuses.  No ‘I’m just following orders’ allowed.  No matter how bad the economy, no matter that it’s the government giving the orders, wrong is wrong.  Even if the roundups were legit,  their methods are not.

  • Arrest the chopper pilot for hitting the horse with the helicopter. Even if he’s legally entitled to pursue, he has no right to hit the horses.
  • Take his pilot’s license for reckless flying.  It certainly is!  Get the people issuing pilots licenses involved. Get the FAA involved.
  • Arrest the person responsible for the holding pen. Excuse me, there is a legal amount of land you are supposed to have to keep a horse.  You do not cram a bunch of strange horses into a small space, where stallions feel compelled to defend their mares to other stallions.  It’s no better than dog fighting and has much the same results.

Yes, I’m serious.  I know the problem is at the top and filtering down.  But the order to do something cruel and immoral will not go far if it hits the refusal of the employees.  Sorry folks. Money doesn’t justify it.  How do they live with themself? What are they teaching their kids?  That the law and common decency only matters when it’s convenient?

It’s not just a battle for horses, or land, or even the tax payer dollars.  It’s a war for our nation’s soul. It’s for our moral character. If we let our government people get away with it is it really ‘our’ government anymore?  Or is it a government by the people for the few well connected people?

The ASPCA New York lawsuit results on another blog.

Washington Post Article on the Horse Shootings


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