My Inspirations Page

My logo is the first clue.  I’ll give you a hint:

Breyer Morgan Stallion

My favorite Breyer

Not the greatest shot of him I’ll admit.  I actually have a whole herd’s worth of inspiration.  But there was something about this one’s eyes, the tilt of his head, that jumped out at me.  I got him from Chincoteauge island during pony penning one year, at a place that featured the real live ‘Stormy of Chincoteague.”  Breyer’s are a great inspiration, and once in a while do a little ‘modeling’ (yeah, I know, not a great pun) for me when I need to get a certain angle and perspective down.

This particular stallion also helped me teach myself photoshop.  I combined my favorite horse, pictures of myself on the horse and my favorite sci fi: Star Wars and …well, if you’d like to ride your favorite model horse, I rode a lens about it on squidoo.

Here’s the lens on putting yourself on the model horse: “Learn to ride a Breyer model horse“.  I also did one on ‘remaking’ your horse via photoediting.  Give your model horse some action!

I’ve also gotten tons of help from the fighting stallions.


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